Friday, June 14, 2013

On Your Honor Charity Contest! (Sponsored by gDiapers)

Every Friday I'll usually donate five dollars to a random charity. It is not a lot of money, but with a mortgage size daycare bill, it is really all I can afford. Still, just the act of finding a new charity to donate to each week makes me feel more connected to the world we live in. And it makes me happy. For awhile I was sharing those charities here on Ask Your Dad in my somewhat-weekly Five Dollar Friday posts. Those tapered off because, while I still had five dollars every Friday to donate, with the arrival of Captain I rarely had an extra five minutes to write about where I donated those dollars. 

This week, thanks to my dear friends at gDiapers, we make up for that!

Here's the deal:

  1. Find a random charity that interests you. 
  2. Donate $5 to that charity. 
  3. Fill out the nifty little contest form below. 
  4. If you want, leave a comment in the comments section below the blog telling us about your charity so everyone can see it. (Not required)

Simple. This is all on your honor. I won't be checking to make sure you donated. I trust you! And honestly, if you don't have an extra five bucks, just let me know who you would have donated it to if you did. You can still enter!

(Some of you with extra bucks, feel free to donate extra to your charity to make up for those who have no bucks. We've all been in each other's shoes at some point.)

Next Friday I will pick a random winner and they will receive an awesome gDiapers Newborn Bundle from gDiapers ($149.99). If you don't have a newborn or a pregnant friend who would be flabbergasted at the amazing gift that you wouldn't necessarily have to tell them you won on the Internet, then we'll work something else out.

This could be yours! Or you could one up all of your friends
at the next baby shower you go to with a $150 gift!

So there you go! Let's make the world a better place while trying to win environmentally friendly and incredibly easy to use cloth diapers. 

Love,  Dad (John)

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(BTW, I approached gDiapers about this and they are happily donating the prize. I am not being compensated monetarily for this post. They are just really good people over there. They did send Stevie and I some diapers once awhile ago and we wrote about them here. )

Congratulations to Renee M, the winner of the gDiapers Newborn Bundle. Together, we raised money for 185 different charities/causes/organizations! Here's the full list!

65 roses

Raymond Schools Foundation

Red Cross

Safe House (

Community Action Partnership (

Davidson College Scholarship Fund

American cancer society (

The Road Home

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Share our Strength

Boy Scouts of America


American Cancer Society

Travis Roy Foundation

Variety - the children's charity

MSC - Multi-Service Center (

The Kappa Phi Club

Hope Chest Hospice of Modesto

Gideon's Bible

Ennis Lions Club

North Texas Food Bank

CCF Missions

Immanuel Lutheran church walk for water

Operation Homefront

Vietnam Veterans of America - ( - in honor of my grandfather.

Humane society of west Michigan 

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Cat Network

Boston children's hospital (

The homeless man outside my grocery store

The Make A Wish Foundation

St Jude Children's hospital

Habitat for Humanity

National Down Syndrome Society! (

American Red Cross 

Cancer Research UK 

American cancer society - in remembrance of my Gama

Neighborhood Ministries, Phoenix, AZ, (

St. Bladricks

American Cancer Society

Ontario SPCA Animal Shelter

Recce's Rainbow (

American Family Children's Hospital (Madison, WI)

65 roses

Crossover Clinic (


Spokane Humane Society (

The Black Forest Fire Victims

International Cesarean Awareness Network

Second Helpings

Ronald McDonald House, United Way and Special Olympics!

Valparaiso University scholarship fund (

One Fund Boston

Gleason House (Team Gleason)

Trisomy 13 foundation

The National MS Society

General Missionary Fund for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

American Red Cross

Special Olympics

Ryan's trail run to support suicide awareness and prevention

Amnesty International Canada (


Carenet Pregnancy Center

N.O.A.H. Clinic for spay and nuetering animals in washington

Willapa Harbor Helping Hands

Coaches vs Cancer

Guide Dogs of America - (

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Pass Love Charity Foundation

Riley's Children's Hospital

Canadian Cancer Society

World Wildlife Fund

Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Big brother big sister Kansas city

March of Dimes

4paws for ability

Red Creek Wildlife Center ( It's a non-for-profit org that helps wildlife. Babies come in all species.

Operation Smile Canada!

Relay for Life

Starfish Initiative (  I donate $5 to them multiple times per year, actually, and I also mentor one of their scholars..

Regional Service Corps-AmeriCorps in Tri-Cities, WA 

Jacksonville Humane Society

Children's Miracle Network 

Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS)

International Rescue Commitee (


National Down Syndrome Society

American Cancer Society

Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue (

There's a homeless center around the corner from my office.  I stopped by there and dropped $5 in their donation box.  And gave some pieces of fruit I had in my purse away while I was walking away.


  1. Sweet contest! I should probably do this more often with needing the incentive.

  2. I love Share our Strength and happily donate to them throughout the year.

  3. John, is this contest open to people outside of the US? Coz I hate to think how much postage this prize would cost to send to Australia! Either way, I have donated to Variety the Children's Charity here in Victoria Australia. They do lots of awesome work with mentally and physically disabled children. They also have donated wheelchair swings in most large playgrounds around Victoria.

    1. US and Canada only :( Sorry Carlz. Thanks for donating though. You are now in my top five Australians.

  4. Bless you for coming up with such a thoughtful contest! My husband regularly donates to organizations who conserve wildlife areas and I donate my time (& stamps) to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Your idea to pick a new, random org will give me something to think about next time we have an extra couple bucks. Really a neat idea.

  5. I donated to the Vietnam Veterans of America in honor of my grandfather. These men came back with lots of mental and physical issues and to little or no support. My grandfather was a Vietnam veteran and I always wished there was more that I could do to help him and his friends. So thank you for the opportunity, it's not one of our normal charities so I probably wouldn't have thought about donating if you hadn't done this :)

  6. I donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation regularly. Last year my husband and I dressed up as superheroes and mounted our bikes to run the "Amazing Race" here in Downtown Salt Lake City. We raised around $500, and acted like fools all morning. My family is "Wish Granters" where we help organize wishes for children. We were given a wish when my younger brother was enduring cancer. He wished to see Conan O'Brien in New York, awesome right? That brother is now a 26 year old father of twins! I love this contest, thank you for what you're doing. Your recent posts have me seriously considering cloth diapering. My baby will be earthside in October so I still have a couple months to decide. Love your blog!!!

  7. This is an awesome giveaway! Love my gDiapers! I really truly don't have an extra five bucks until I get paid next week, but if I did I would totally donate to St Jude. The infomercials make me sad, but as a nurse and a mother their mission speaks to my heart in a way few charities can.

  8. We love the National Down Syndrome Society because they work towards helping people with Down Syndrome and their families. Our baby girl has DS, so this is very close to home. We are looking forward to our first Buddy Walk coming this October!

  9. I would donate to the Soldier's Promise charity. It was started by my fiance's battle buddy from when they were both in the Army. It is intended to send cards and small gifts to the family members of soldiers, sailors, airmen,and Marines who were killed while serving. It is just something small to let these families know that their sacrifice hasn't been and will never be forgotten.

  10. I donated this past week to our local Community Action Partnership. This group supports families in Madison County, NY and has active Mom's and Dad's groups that help parents better care for their children! From school readiness to parent/chid bonding, they help all types of families make their children's lives better!!

  11. As a family with 5 kids including two sets of twins, both time and money are hard to come by. However, our most recent charity was a donation to Finn Grahame-nye to honor his attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for the benefit of EMC: Every Mother Counts is a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Finn is the oldest son of the owners of gdiapers. I can't remember but think he's only 10 years old. the US would be a much better place if we had more kids like him around.

  12. I am a poor student so money is tight right now, but I do like to donate my time. Recently I have been volunteering at Crossover Clinic in Virginia which provides medical care for people who have no health insurance. When I graduate, I am going to try to keep donating my time because I think health care is a right, not a privilege.

  13. I am about ready to make a twitter just to tell everyone about this contest! lol With our first little one on the way due September those Gdiapers would be helpful! If the kind soul who wins doesn't need them; we are happily accepting donations ;).
    I donate to the Ronald McDonald house; they were there for my cousins when my baby cousin was born with an undetected congenital heart defect. I happily donate every chance I get to them for being there for families when they are in a huge time of need. Although clowns scare me a bit, I enthusiastically toss money every chance I get at that scary read headed man.

  14. What a great contest!!!

  15. I picked Special Olympics NC. My family and I have volunteered at their summer games and have just loved what they do for these kids. It's so awesome to see the participants competing in their chosen sport. They put their all into it and deserve to be rewarded for all their effort. Special Olympics also hosts a dance for all the participants as well. It's a wonderful time for them all to get together and meet one another. You can't put a price on that joy or those smiles and volunteers get as much out of it as the participants do!

  16. We just donated to the children's Miracle network hospitals yesterday.

  17. 4paws for ability. A charity that my cousin-in-law helps foster and train puppies for. She just got their permanent dog, a female who will have a couple of litters of puppies who will be trained and given to people with disabilities, physical and mental. The dogs are so sweet, and it's always nice to meet a new one at every family event!

  18. I don't have enough money right now for a donation, but if I could I would donate to Operation Smile Canada! In fact, I'm hoping I can save some money up to donate to them soon. You've inspired me!

  19. We donate to Relay for Life every year and walk for Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer.
    I hope to win this for a friend who is having a girl :)

  20. Great contest. With a little one on the way (hopefully soon as we're now five days over-due), money is a little tight but those gDiapers have been intriguing me. I made my donation to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS)and their medical care fund. A great organization but one that I have never donated to before. Thanks again.

  21. I donated to the International Rescue Commitee WoMAD used to do a lot of work with the Salt Lake City location.

  22. I'm broke, but if I had extra money to give, I would give to the wounded Warrior Project.

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