Sunday, June 23, 2013

Indiana John and the Dark Duchess Room - Energizer Night Headlight Review #LightMyWay

The story I'm about to share with you is sponsored by Collective Bias®. Yup. That's right. I'm getting paid. Day Care for two kids is expensive. Like really expensive. Like a bit more than our monthly mortgage expensive. So when Collective Bias® offered to pay me to tell you my honest opinion about products we use once in awhile, I agreed. Well Stevie made me agree. It was that or a night shift at 7-11, and as much as I love Slurpees, I also like sleep. I promise to make these funny and fun and not half ass my reviews. If you hate them, please tell me and I will make them less hate worthy, possibly with cat pictures.

The nice thing about these product reviews is that I get to choose the things I review. That makes it nice, because if I randomly got a hairbrush in the mail it would be really hard for me to review. This time I picked something I've actually wanted for awhile, a headlight. An Energizer Micro Sport Headlight to be exact. It's a work headlight! It's a night headlight! It's a flashlight that straps conveniently to your forehead! Huzzah!

There have been fewer more frustrating moments in my life than when Stevie and I have needed a flashlight and not known where one was. You see, the very thing that necessitates one needing a flashlight simultaneously makes it difficult to find one. So I figured I would get a headlamp, get paid to tell you what I think of it, and the next time the power goes out I'd have it sitting on my night stand, pinky toes would not get cracked on door frames, profanities would not be uttered and the world would be a better place. 

I went to Walmart, found them quickly since there was a giant section of them, and then picked out the headlamp with the cool bonus flashy red light so I could clip it to my backpack when biking to work. Everything was coming up Milhouse!

There it is! Energizer Micro Sport with bonus little red blinky light!
So I bought the head lamp (pictured above), brought it home and figured this would be a pretty easy review. I would pry the lamp from it's evil plastic case, probably cutting myself in the process, turn it on and off a few times while trying my best not to get blood on it, tell you all about how effective strapping LED lights to your forehead is, and that would be that. Well, a few things happened that make the story a little more interesting. 

First, the wrapping itself was pleasantly surprising. The back was just serrated cardboard, and it ripped right open. There would be no cutting myself tonight! Since our copay at the ER is $100, Stevie was as happy as I was. 

But then tragedy struck. The little red blinky light didn't work. I was sad. 
But then I found the instructions that I hadn't read that told me there was a little piece of paper between the battery and the contact. Then I was happy. A little embarrassed, but happy.

And then! AND THEN! The best part happened. We actually had an opportunity to use the headlamp in action. Before I get to that part (which is the best part of this whole post) let me tell you what I think about the Energizer Micro Sport Headlamp ($19.88 at Walmart).

It's a headlamp. It's a flashlight that you strap to your forehead. It works exactly like you want a flashlight that you strap to your forehead to work. It is light, bright, comfortable, and shines light where ever you are looking. Just don't forget it is on, or you will make your wife mad when talking to her. 

ANYWAY! On to the story. Stevie and I were hanging out with the Captain, and as usual he pooped his diaper. Silly Captain. Problem was, the new diapers we had just bought were in Duchess's room and she had already gone to bed. Ahhh heck, you know what? I'll just show you what happened! Thanks for reading my review and please enjoy the video reenactment below. It only took 14 takes. I'm not kidding. 


  1. I am snort laughing at my desk. Huzzah!

  2. You are freaking hilarious! A new fan for sure!! ROFL!!