Friday, January 11, 2013

Leukemia Lymphoma Fundraiser - Week 2

What a great week! We raised $535.00 dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society since last Friday. That brings the total raised to $625.00. That is fan-freaking-tastic! Training has been a pain this week because living in Utah during the winter is basically like living in the tailpipe of a running diesel truck.

So since I would like to help cure blood cancers without actually getting lung cancer I've been confined to the treadmill - which I hate. I get distracted and drift. It's not pretty. Anyway - stop picturing me on a treadmill. Let's celebrate!

Thank you so much to the following people!

Jeremy A.
Mike W.
Ellie L.
Michelle M.
Brenda O.
Judith S.
Angie W.C.
Ashley B.
Gena P.
Melissa D.
Cate K.
Jessika R.
Oren M.

By the way! Oren is also a daddy blogger and writes a wonderful blog called A Blogger and a Father. You should check it out.

Our weekly prize was a personalized video of the Duchess saying thank you. This week our winner is... everyone!!! (Except Jessika R. because I had already made the video when you donated.)

Lastly... I made a foolish promise on the Ask Your Dad Facebook page earlier. We were only $85.00 away from $500 dollars and I promised that if we hit that goal I would... well I'll let you read the post:

Therefore... I leave you with this dear readers...

Love, Dad P.S. If that video has inspired you to give more money. You can click the image below.

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