Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Dollar Friday - NPR (KUER) and My Non-sexual Man Crush on Doug Fabrizio

I am back!! My hand is healing from surgery and working - slowly, but working. I am pumped to tell you guys about this week's Five Dollar Friday! It's "guilt week" over at my favorite radio station, KUER (NPR). You know how at the end of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood there was a five second sound bite that told you that the program that you had just watched was "brought to you by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and viewers like you"? Well, a couple times a year NPR decides repeat something similar over and over and over again for an entire week. Bottom line: NPR needs money to keep running! They don't like to beg, but that's not going to stop them. 

KUER Fall Fund Drive

Let me be clear. I LOVE NPR. It's all that plays in my car, which is funny because when my parents used to switch to the station I would mooooaaan and put my head phones in. Although to be fair, I spent most of my teenage years either moaning or putting my headphones in. It probably wasn't NPR's fault.

It is both a critique of higher education and a compliment to NPR when I say that I have learned more from NPR than I learned from four years of college. OK - seven years of college. NPR keeps me informed and ready to learn. More importantly, sometimes NPR makes me change my mind about something I thought I was right about. I think so many news sources slant their news to their audience in a way that makes it more palatable and agreeable. NPR doesn't do that. They give me perspective and facts – even if those facts  don't fit my perceived narrative.


You're probably asking yourself. Gee John, why should I give to KUER when I have my own local NPR affiliate? Don't you realize your readers are all over the country?

Yes. I get it. Here’s the thing…  while your market might have Ira Glass or Click and Clack or Terry Gross none of you have this guy:

Doug Fabrizio
Doug Freaking Fabrizio! ("Freaking" not actually his middle name)

Isn't he dreamy! I am in no way ashamed to admit my man non-sexual-man-crush on Doug. My wife is very understanding. She has a crush on him too. Doug is a permanent fixture on the guest list for my Fantasy Non-Sexual Man Crush Barbeque. The ever expanding list would also include Dan Rather, George Cloony, Jon Stewart and Mike Birbiglia.  

Doug hosts Radio West on KUER where he interviews everyone from authors and filmmakers, politicians, musicians or anyone he and his producers (Elaine Clark and Benjamin Bombard) find relevant and interesting. He takes an hour to explore a single subject and gets to the heart of it  - not by telling, but by asking. I joke about him being dreamy, but he is truly an asset to our state and the profession of journalism. He deserves our support.  

So anyway, you know how every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings? Well, every time you donate to NPR, Mr. Doug Fabrizio smiles… and when Doug Fabrizio smiles the world is a better place.

Help me make the world a better place.

This week I am giving more than five dollars. I am renewing my membership with KUER. If you would like to give less or more or nothing, feel free. Don't do it for me; do it for Doug!!

You can click HERE to donate. Or you can call  (801) 581-5837. 

Love, Dad

Donation to NPR - KUER


  1. Done and done! I love KUER, and you're right Doug is dreamy.

    1. Thanks Anonymous!! You are the hero that hides in the shadows - our dark knight.

  2. I am still making payments from my donation during the Spring drive when they had to make that big balloon payment...but I GUESS $5 more wouldn't hurt.
    If Mike scolds me for spending more money I will just tell him that I am trying to make the world a better place.

    1. Bravo Ashlee!! I thank you and I'm sure Doug thanks you too!

    2. Ashlee - just to clear the air, KUER wasn't the station that had to make the big balloon payment. That was KCPW. Doug is with KUER so if you want to help Doug out, make sure to donate to KUER! I'm sure all dollars to public radio is greatly appreciated though!

  3. Just donated for my first time, and I'm so proud to join the club.

  4. Just donated. Sometime we need a nice kick in the butt. Thanks for providing it!

    1. Thanks Dave! You are a man we can all look up to. A man among men. The guy behind the guy behind the guy.