Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Power of Saying Thank You

Instead of writing a long, emotional list of all the thinks in this world I am thankful for, instead I'd like to share with you why just the act of being thankful is so transformative and important. 

First, watch this video by Soul Pancake - all seven minutes and fourteen seconds. It is worth it. I promise. Then, meet me in the text under the video. 

OK! Here's the plan!

Step 1: Pick someone to say thank you to.

Part of the awesome part of this activity is seeking out the gratitude that you have for someone. For me, the act of discovery was just as powerful as the act of conveying it.

Step 2: Call them, say thank you, and be joyful together. 

Step 3: Share the gift of gratitude with someone else. 

You don't have to share my specific post. You can just share the video (not mine), or you can just share the experience via Facebook, Twitter, or by talking about it tonight at dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for all of you. 

Love, John (Dad)

John Kinnear and Captain
Happy Thanksgiving!!

P.S. If you feel so obliged, you can tell us about who you're thankful for in the comments... but then GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GO BE WITH YOUR FAMILY!!!


  1. That was the sweetest video I have seen, I even cried. Thank you for that. I think I may have to get my sister and Husbands family and try this! We can all use a little gratitude in our life, those who we care about and appreciate deserve to know that they are a large contributor in our life. Who knows? Maybe the other side of this Happiness is that those people who find out they have changed someones life for the best will find an even bigger increase in happiness!

  2. Wow, that was amazing!! YES, gratitude is amazing!! Thank you so so much for finding this, sharing your blog and to the universe for sending me to this corner of the world wide web to find it. Have a wonderful day :D

  3. We have to teach our kids to learn the power of thank you.
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