Sunday, June 23, 2013

Indiana John and the Dark Duchess Room - Energizer Night Headlight Review #LightMyWay

The story I'm about to share with you is sponsored by Collective Bias®. Yup. That's right. I'm getting paid. Day Care for two kids is expensive. Like really expensive. Like a bit more than our monthly mortgage expensive. So when Collective Bias® offered to pay me to tell you my honest opinion about products we use once in awhile, I agreed. Well Stevie made me agree. It was that or a night shift at 7-11, and as much as I love Slurpees, I also like sleep. I promise to make these funny and fun and not half ass my reviews. If you hate them, please tell me and I will make them less hate worthy, possibly with cat pictures.

The nice thing about these product reviews is that I get to choose the things I review. That makes it nice, because if I randomly got a hairbrush in the mail it would be really hard for me to review. This time I picked something I've actually wanted for awhile, a headlight. An Energizer Micro Sport Headlight to be exact. It's a work headlight! It's a night headlight! It's a flashlight that straps conveniently to your forehead! Huzzah!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Father's Day Blog Post I've Wanted to Write All Week

I'm about Father's Day blogged out. I wrote a fun and silly post for Lifetime Moms about 5 Fathers Day Gifts That Don't Exist, But Should, and I wrote and emotional piece about how fear was the first thing to make me feel like a father called "This Takes Guts" for my friends over at gDiapers. I also guest posted all week on the 365 Hangers Facebook Page about Father's Day tips in general. The only place I haven't written about Father's Day yet is my own blog. 

I apologize sincerely for neglecting you all. I am here now, and I promise to never leave you again. Don't worry though. I saved the best for you. I saved the one Father's Day topic I've wanted to talk about all week for my favorite readers in the world. For you, dear readers, I saved my dad. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

On Your Honor Charity Contest! (Sponsored by gDiapers)

Every Friday I'll usually donate five dollars to a random charity. It is not a lot of money, but with a mortgage size daycare bill, it is really all I can afford. Still, just the act of finding a new charity to donate to each week makes me feel more connected to the world we live in. And it makes me happy. For awhile I was sharing those charities here on Ask Your Dad in my somewhat-weekly Five Dollar Friday posts. Those tapered off because, while I still had five dollars every Friday to donate, with the arrival of Captain I rarely had an extra five minutes to write about where I donated those dollars. 

This week, thanks to my dear friends at gDiapers, we make up for that!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dad's Cheer You Up Playlist

Hi everybody! Sorry I've been missing for a week. Stevie's sister is marrying my best friend and we have been helping them get ready for the wedding this weekend! I will be back in full dad blogger mode next week. Until then, here are the results of our crowd sourced question on the Ask Your Dad Facebook Page (Which, if you're not a fan of yet, you should be. Really. We have a lot of fun over there!)

I asked:

You can click the image to see everyone's suggestions!

Everyone responded with some great, eclectic songs. So to thank you, I tracked all the ones I could down and put them in a Spotify Playlist! Feel free to come back to this whenever you're feeling blue. Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend! See you next week! Exclamation point!


Dad (John)