Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dad Gives Public Speaking a Try

As many of you who follow the Ask Your Dad Facebook Page already know, I was asked by the Utah Pride Center to give the keynote address at their National Coming Out Day Brunch. Much like the response to the post itself, it was a beautiful and humbling experience. 

I got to bring a table full of guests (including my adorably noisy daughter) and had the wonderful privilege to talk a little bit about my experiences growing up in Utah and coming out in support of my LGBT friends and family. 

A lot of people who were unable to attend, including my mom, asked me to post a copy of my speech. So here it is - all twenty minutes of it! I hear there may be video out there somewhere too. If I get a hold of it I'll post it - although I hate hearing my recorded voice. I feel like I sound an evil elf. Here you go...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Friend Liz

I want you to meet my friend Liz.

Elizabeth Van Gesen Roberts
This is Liz
Her family needs our help.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mystery of the Nap Time Mess - CSI Mom Investigates

Hey gang! I am currently writing my key-note address for the National Coming Out Day Brunch sponsored by The Utah Pride Center. They have kindly asked me to come speak about my post, Dear Hypothetically Gay Son. So, on Sunday at 11 I'll be coming out in support of my LGBT friends and family! No matter where you are, I hope you'll join me in doing the same. I'll post a full version of what I say sometime next week. In the meantime, here is a post from my awesome wife about a cute habit The Duchess has formed. 

Love, Dad