Monday, June 13, 2016

Me and Stairs and Health and Metamucil

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Meta Wellness for this promotion. The delicious orange flavored fiber supplement was theirs, the opinions and words are mine. Well, except for the words that are my dad's. Those are his. 

Every once in a while, usually after I finish walking up a few flights of stairs, I pause and think “What if my heart literally exploded right now?” Then I step away from the top of the stairs because I don’t want heart attack me to fall down the stairs.

My health ebbs and flows. Sometimes I’m training for marathons, sometimes I am extra super fat with a side of peanut butter. OK, I trained for one marathon… but I’m leaving the s on the first marathon because it looks good there.

My point is that sometimes I think about my health and other times I don’t. And sometimes those times that I don’t think of my health come to a head at the top of three flights of stairs with thoughts of my heart exploding like a loyal horse sprinting across the desert… only I am not in the desert. I am at the top of stairs.

“I need to do something for my health.”

The funny thing and slightly coincidental thing is, I had also recently been challenged by the good people at Meta Wellness and Life of Dad to have a conversation with my Dad about health. I say slightly coincidental, because it really wasn’t that much of a coincidence. I think about being more healthy pretty much every day, so this Meta Campaign sinking up with that was about as lucky as throwing a dart at a barn and hitting it.

Anyway, before I get to the conversation with my dad, I’d like to stop for a second and tell you about our sponsor, Metamucil.

This Metamucil. The one I am holding.
Metamucil is a daily fiber supplement that I was not really looking forward to trying until I did and I realized it is actually quite tasty especially in the orange flavor. It does a couple other cool things besides taste good too.

Mainly it makes your poop softer and easier to come out. The nicer way to say that is it promotes digestive health, but this is a parenting blog and we talk about poop sometimes.

Honestly, being more regular is enough of a bonus for me, but Meta also has other health benefits, including helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and lowering cholesterol to promote heart health - which, you know, I need because I don't want my heart to explode... or just stop working. I need my heart.

Did I mention it also tastes good? Anyway, they’ve done science stuff and you can read more about it here . Also, they gave me a coupon to give you so you can try it out, which is here.

SO YEAH! I after the stair scare I decided to call my dad to talk about health. It went like this:

Me: Hey dad!

Dad: Are you ok?

Me: Yeah, why?

Dad: You sound out of breath.

Me: I just walked up three flights of stairs.

Dad: That’s it?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: Jesus. You sound like you’ve been running from zombies or something.

Me: Nope. Just stairs. I called to talk about health with you.

Dad: Sounds like I need to talk about health with you. I could still beat you up the side of a mountain.

Me: You could probably beat me up three flights of stairs.

Dad: That’s true. And you know how I do it?

Dad: Me: How?

Dad: I have a job that keeps me on my feet 8 hours a day and fast metabolism.

Me: Do you use Metamucil?

Dad: The Fiber Stuff?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: Sometimes. Tammy buys it for us.

Me: They sent me some extra for this blog post I am writing. Do you want any?

Dad: Sure. Bring it up next time you guys come.

Me: Sounds good. We didn’t talk about health that much.

Dad: I don’t know what to tell you, buddy. Exercise more. Eat less. Take vitamins. That Metamucil stuff will keep you regular. I hear that's important.

Dad: Me: Thanks Dad.

Dad: Oh, and John?

Me: Yeah?

Dad: Bring whiskey when you come up. They have a really bad selection in the liquor store up here.

Me: Deal. Love you, Dad.

Dad: Love you too bud. Don’t die on the stairs.

Me: I’ll try.

There you go. My health conversation with my dad full of snark and love and even a little whiskey. Hope you enjoyed it! By the way, I worked out for an hour this morning. I plan on doing it again tomorrow. I promise to try my best to keep my heart from exploding and falling embarrassingly down the stairs.

BONUS! I helped make this video. If you watch closely you can see me making chicken. Mmmmmm chicken.

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