Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Girls Who Sing

I play a lot of music in the car with my kids. Duchess and I sing as loud as we can and Captain joins in with random words here and there. It is quite cute, or it is ridiculous looking depending on your perspective. Regardless, we love music, which is why I was so surprised when Duchess pointed out an obvious blind spot in my music catalogue the other day.

"Dad, do you have any girls singing songs?"

"Sure! I have... uhm."

I started skipping through our current mix. Jack Johnson. Xavier Rudd. Third Eye Blind. Dave Mathews Band... hold on. How did Dave Mathews Band get on there? Nevermind. Ben Folds. Glen Hansard.

I kept hitting forward and not a single female artist came up. Honestly, I was embarrassed. I love plenty of female recording artists, but I guess when I am making a music mix I am inadvertently sexist. I needed to fix this ASAP. As soon as I got home I hopped over to the Ask Your Dad Facebook Page and asked my internet friends to make some suggestions.

Ok, quick question. While listening to music with Duchess the other day, she asked me "Dad, do you have any girl...
Posted by Ask Your Dad Blog on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

And holy moly! What a response it got. I got hundreds of comments with hundreds and hundreds of suggestions. I have enough amazing suggestions to make a thousand playlists for Duchess. In fact, my good buddy Jeff Bogle who writes Out With the Kids actually took the time to make me a playlist. Jeff reviews Kindie Music on his blog and even has a monthly podcast! You should really check out his page and please tell him I say hello!

Here is the playlist Jeff built for Duchess. It was really such a sweet thing for him to do. Give it a listen with your kids. All the songs are all kid-friendly and adult approved!

Who would you suggest we add? Leave your suggestion in the comments, or on the Facebook post above, or just yell it really really loud!

P.S. Since we're talking about female singers, I just have to share a video of my favorite female singer in the whole world. This is a little old, but it will never get old to me!

Duchess: Daddy, can we show them the snowman song now?
Posted by Ask Your Dad Blog on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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  1. My 2-year-old loves to sing as well, so thanks for sharing! (Also, Duchess is absolutely darling.)

  2. I would add Pumpin Blood by nonono, king of anything by Sara Bareilles, brave and chasing the sun also by Sara, and Everything is awesome by Tegan and Sara. Yay female singers!

  3. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson

  4. Neko Case! Lissie and Norah Jones are also totally kid-friendly and awesome. I'd like to say Rilo Kiley but the subject matter may not always be something you want your 5yo to listen to, so maybe Jenny Lewis's album with the Watson twins instead? And if English isn't a requirement, Zaz is fun, or Shakira's album Donde Estan Los Ladrones is a great listen. I'm surprised how few female artists I have though.

  5. How about some Jazz singers? There's this Great band called "Post Modern Jukebox". They do covers to new and old songs and there are definitely ladies singing there. It's a great way to introduce the various styles of singing from various times. My 9 year old daughter loves the old style better than the new, yay!