Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why Amazon Should Change “Amazon Mom” to “Amazon Family”

When I told my wife that me and a few of my buddies were going to try to get Amazon Mom, the division of Amazon that markets to parents, to change their name to Amazon Family, she rolled her eyes. I understand why. It seems a bit nit-picky, and there are definitely many other issues out there we could pick from. But she could see from the look on my face that it meant a lot to me, apologized for rolling her eyes, and said “Why?”
It’s a really good question. Why throw our weight behind trying to change how a company spends their marketing dollars? Who cares? Are they hurting anyone? What’s wrong with moms?


  1. Totally agreed! Even though Amazon specifies that Amazon Mom is for dads too (I'm a member), the name itself is sexist.

  2. ps - Love your bit about recognizing the irony of where the piece was originally published (since I was about to comment on that)

    1. Ha! Thanks. I figured I should probably address that.

  3. They should make one for amazon dad. Maybe adding some men stuff with discount in there. Like things for my car or games. As dads we should be appreciated too, but that might be too much to ask for. A dad can always dream.