Friday, June 13, 2014

This is the #PowerofDad - Oral B

This is the third of three sponsored posts I am doing leading up to Father's Day. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign.

Technically I became a father the when Duchess was born. But you're never really a fully formed father. You are constantly in a state of becoming. The first time my kid fell and called my name through her tears, the first time I woke up at 3 AM to have her standing next to my bed creepily staring at my face, the first time she didn't need me to sit next to her while she pooped. These were all steps in my never ending journey to becoming a dad. But with each one I become more powerful, more dad like, more cheese filled, and with every #PowerofDad moment I want to yell, "FOOLS, YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN MY FINAL FORM!"

Oral B has a great spot right now that explores this a little more. I really enjoyed it. Check it out here:

Here's my transition to toothbrushes. I was really excited when Oral B asked me to do a post for them and review their new Precision Black 7000 Toothbrush for two reasons. One, my dentist is mad at me and told me to buy one. And two, my wife has the same toothbrush in white and I was jealous. The thing is seriously awesome. I would have done this post just to get the toothbrush. I mean, I'll take the compensation, but the toothbrush would have been worth it.

You can find out more about it here, but I will tell you a few of my favorite features.

It times you.

Brushing your teeth should take about as long as the average Green Day song, about two minutes. The Oral B Black 7000 comes with a handy timer that remotely links to your toothbrush. It also shows you how long you should be spending on each quadrant of your mouth. It kind of makes brushing your teeth like a video game - a video game with gum care!

It communicates with you. 

Pressing too hard? It glows read. Need to stop for a second to spit. When you turn it off it kindly tells your timer to pause. The little timer even has a smiley or a frowny face depending on how well you are brushing. I know it is kind of cheesy, but it really makes me think more about how I am brushing. 

It works. It works really really well. 

Other than walking out of the dentist, my teeth have never felt as clean as they have over the last week. I must look like an idiot because I spend my mornings running my tongue over them because of how clean they feel. 

So would I recommend it? Is it worth the $170.00 (Amazon) to pick up. Yes. Totally. 100%. If you are going to buy a high-end toothbrush, buy this one. I haven't tried them all, but I did own a another brand that rhymes with slonic-bear once, and the Oral B blows that one out of the water. And lest you think, "Well, John is getting paid to do this campaign so of course he is going to endorse it." I am not required in the slightest to endorse the product. My requirements were to talk about fatherhood, let you know that you can save $7.00 by clicking on this link and then buying the toothbrush, and show you the commercial above (which I would have anyway because I LOVE sharing commercials that show dads in a non-buffoon colored light!

So there you go! I never thought I would say that a toothbrush would make a great Father's Day gift, but I also never thought I would find a toothbrush this great. 

- John

BTW, we took a bunch of pictures for this post, and I think they turned out great. So I am just going to add them at the end. Enjoy!

Here is the brush. The timer I told you about is in the lower right. I love Captains arm in the back ground practically saying "Here is an awesome toothbrush!

Some features.

She has gotten much better at putting on the toothpaste. 

We actually do this every night before bed

Captain wanted to play.

That's an Oral B too!


This may actually be one of my favorite picks of my daughter and me ever!

Also, here is a gif that has nothing to do with this blog post.


  1. I think you lesft captains name on one of the photos in this post. I thought I'd let you know in case you didn't mean to do that. I tried to send you an email in the contact me section but I don't think it sent, my browser is pretty out of date though so sorry if you got like 3 emails and comments from me, haha.

    1. Ha! So I did. Well, now you know his secret identity. Thanks for letting me know. I've changed it!

  2. I am pretty sure Stevie earned that nice new camera with that really cute photo right there up top. Dutchess looks adorbs.

  3. Cool daddy! Your kids seem so cuuuuuuute! The toothbrush seems so big in her hand, I think every evening before sleeping you and your kids will enjoy a happy time. So lovely!

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  5. being a dentist myself I know the difficulty in training children, you're doing amazing job as a father. keep it up!

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