Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deschutes Brewery Is Anti Lead Ink - Pro Customer Service

So I'm still working on this week's post, but I just wanted to drop in and give a huge shout out to the awesome customer service at Deschutes Brewery. Here's what happened:

Earlier this year Stevie and I took the Duchess on a road trip to the Oregon Coast. We were accompanied by a couple friends and their son who is the Duchess's age. We rented a van and drove all the way to the coast and back. If you'd like to read about the trip and what I learned, you can read about it here: Dad's Guide to Road Trips with Toddlers.

ANYWAY... during our road trip we stopped at a few different breweries around Oregon. At each one a purchased a pint glass, all of which now live in my cupboard and are used regularly. The other night I was drinking out of my Deschutes Brewery glass when I noticed that I had some paint on my hand. I then looked down at my shirt, and it was all over my shirt! I didn't care so much about the shirt, but I was super bummed about the glass, which now looked like this: 

Faded Deschutes Brewery Glass

So what did I do? I hopped over to the Deschutes Brewery Facebook Page to let them know that their pint glasses were defective and possibly ruining shirts everywhere! (Also, notice I didn't identify myself as a blogger or reference my blog. I used my personal Facebook account.)

And I'm not even kidding, less than an hour later they replied. 

So there it was. Lead free ink means I shouldn't have been washing it in the dishwasher. I don't remember if I was warned at the gift shop, but I'm going to assume that I was. I don't recall there being a sticker either, but honestly, there could have been. So it was probably my fault. But they didn't care. They made it right, by two! 

This showed up in the mail yesterday:

Deschutes Brewery T-shirt and Glasses
Much better shirt than the one that was stained.

So since they were awesome and kind AND they love the environment AND they make fantastic beer, I've decided to toss them some blog love. If you drink beer, I highly recommend Deschutes Brewery - specifically their Black Butte Porter. It is heavenly. (But only drink it if you are over 21... and if you need a ride home you can call me at any time and I promise not to be mad at you.)



P.S. Deschutes, If you are reading this, I promise to only hand-wash my awesome, new lead ink free pint glasses from now on!!


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  2. Awesome to hear stories like this. Thankfully, outside of a few breweries I think everyone probably knows about by now, they are quite common. I also think the faded glass looks pretty cool, but hey that's just me.

  3. Deschutes is a great beer and a great brewery. I think it might be hard in the craft beer world to be too into yourselves NOT to consider customer service.

    Great beer is hard to make, but people don't want to buy things from assholes.

  4. John,
    The craft beer industry is like that, it's all about making great beer, and making the customer so happy (s)he comes back to buy more. Here on the east coast we don't get Deschutes :( but we do have a local brewery, Wormtown Brewing that makes really great beer. I know the head brewer, he was in my homebrew club.

  5. This made me happy! Maybe I'll see if I can get some of that beer for my big gay wedding in April!

    1. They ship to most states!! Not Utah though :( Oh well, you can't get married here anyway (we're working on that though)

  6. They also have a chipotle beer of sorts and it's delicious!

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