Saturday, June 3, 2017

8 Positive Wonder Woman Toys - Dad Picks (Mom Edition)

Hey everyone! Stevie here. I asked John if I could write this round-up because of how much I have loved Wonder Woman lately.

Here's the thing, my daughter has always loved super heroes. For years she cycled through all her favorite Justice League characters. Any guesses on which one she wants to be this year? Wonder Woman.  Since the movie came out, she sees Wonder Woman everywhere and I LOVE IT. It's so empowering for her to see herself as a Super Hero and not just a love-interest or a damsel in distress.

With her new found love of Wonder Woman comes the sudden need for Wonder Woman toys. But actually, I'm ok with that. As long as they are continuing that same messaging. So I've put together a list of just that; Wonder Woman toys that promote empowerment, body positivity and girls just being all-around bad asses.

1. Wonder Woman Action Figure

I love this action figure. You know why? She's wearing clothes. I know, I've set the bar pretty low on that one. Male superheroes seem to always get clothes. Females heroes tend get shorted in the fabric department. So really, it's refreshing to see a female action figure where the costume is not the first (and sometimes only) thing you focus on. DC launched an entire line of their DC Super Hero Girls Toys with this in mind and I am completely in love with them. The series is full of positive messaging and girl power and the toys themselves are well made and appropriate even for the youngest super heroes.  

2. Wonder Woman Lego® Set

I can't say enough about the importance of legos for development. The original lego sets are amazing at promoting creativity and imagination, but there's definitely a place for lego sets, too. It's amazing to watch my six-year-old work through the instructions on one of these. You get to see the wheels turning in their head. You get to see them experience the cycle of frustration and eventual accomplishment that you know all too well because your entire house is made up of furniture from IKEA. 

3. Wonder Woman Gauntlet Grip Shield

I will admit right here and now. I am not a fan of weapon toys for kids. I will also admit that I always felt left out as a kid when the boys in the neighborhood all have Nerf guns they shot at me and all I had were....pogs. Remember pogs?? I digress. If we're going to be giving kids weapon toys, let's give them toys that they recognize as being from the strong female lead. So they know they aren't the damsel in distress. They are the one saving the day. 

4. Wonder Woman Fidget Spinner

It's 2017. I'm sorry, I probably can't make any gotta-have-it toy list without a fidget spinner. I'm sure your kids (like my own) already have a set of them but at least with this spinner, it's branded with the Wonder Woman logo. It sounds like a simple thing but the Wonder Woman logo is actually a really important symbol to me and to my daughter. Any reminder of the fact that super heroes aren't just for boys is a good thing in my book. If she's going to annoy the hell out of me with it, she might as well be thinking about female empowerment at the same time. 

5. DC Super Heroes: My First Book of Girl Power

This is obviously for the younger super heroes. Though if you give this to your teenager I'm totally not going to judge you. Yes, the costumes are more the original form-fitting, revealing variety. But in this case, they've made these women ripped. Which is awesome because I'm totally on the strong-is-the-new-beautiful train. I love this book for little ones because it's not just the story of these women fighting a "bad guy". This actually talks about what they all do to make the world a better place which is such an important lesson to instill in young kids; that it's not about just stopping bank robberies. They are capable of being strong and kind and that's what the world needs. 

6. Wonder Woman Action Figure with Motorcycle

Ok, I got a little deep on that last one. Motorcycles! This is another one from the DC Super Hero Girls line. I don't have to tell you that most motorcycle toys are marketed toward boys. They just are. But here's a motorcycle toy that's not only ridden by a female, but it's also not pink and doesn't look like the rainbow fairies went to town all over it. Suddenly motorcycles seem genderless, as it should be. Oh and one other small detail here....she's wearing a helmet! Safety first, people. 

7. DC Super Hero Girls Board Game

We are definitely a board game household. Sure, John and I are probably more likely to pull out something like Cards Against Humanity before DC Super Hero girls games when the kids aren't around. But this game is great for them because it's something they can just grab on their own and play without us having to really be involved. It's actually really important that the kids have games like these that they can play on their own without us standing there forcing them to take turns and like each other. I picked this one because it is actually six games in one. Which is nice because some of them are more of a game of chance, which means maybe the four-year-old can win. Though in all fairness, losing every game to his sister is making him a pretty humble kid. 

8. Wonder Woman Cape and Mask Set

And lastly, you've got to have dress-up gear on a list of Wonder Woman toys. Dress-up and role play is a great outlet for kids to use their imaginations and burn off some energy. So a wonder woman cape and mask is an obvious choice for a kid. But I went the extra step to find the highest rated set on Amazon. Because I like you. 

We're taking both kids to see the movie tonight and someone I know may will be in full cape. Until the kids get mad at him and tell him to give it back. We hope you all have a wonder-ful weekend. See what I did there?! 

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