Monday, May 19, 2014

My Top 5 Jamba Juice Smoothies

Jamba Juice Strong

Let us talk of juice one last time. This is the final post in my series sponsored by Jamba Juice and Isis Mobile Wallet. We've made videos. We've taken Instagram pictures. I've tweeted. I've posted to Facebook! But most of all, I have consumed a lot of juice over the past month and a half. This post would be funnier if I could complain about all the juice I've tried. But alas, even though the nice folks at Jamba said my reviews should be honest and heartfelt, I can honestly say that I enjoyed my entire Juice Journey. OK, except for the wheat grass. That was made on a dare right?

Here are my five favorite smoothies that I tried! (I've linked all the images to their nutritional facts if you are curious!)

Apples 'n Greens

This one is definitely my favorite. After a long run, I would stop by Jamba Juice and power back up with this delectable, and initially off putting green smoothie. Look, I'd be the last guy in the world to tell you to drink something that looks like liquefied cucumbers if it wasn't good. It is. It is a a good mix of sweet and sour, and the Kale balances it out nicely. Add a little protein powder and it thickens up into a pretty filling drink. After my training runs the Apples 'n Greens hit the spot. 

Orange Carrot Karma

You know what I liked the most about the Orange Carrot Karma? I could taste the carrot. I know! I thought that would be the worst part. But here's the thing. The orange is so tart and so sweet, that the aftertaste of carrot adds a really nice pallet cleanser to the pucker of the initial sip. I would have never thought that carrots and oranges would go together in anything other than the "things that are orange" category, but it turns out they also are pretty complementary flavors.

Orange Dream Machine

Do you remember Orange Creamsicles? The creamcicles of my youth were shaped like Disney Characters, and the orange ones were Mickey Mouse. Well, Orange Dream Machine smoothie tastes a lot like what it would be like if you took the delicious orange mouse of my youth and put him in a blender. OK. That doesn't sound very appetizing, but trust me. It is delicious.

Chocolate Moo'd

OK, this one is cheating. The normal Chocolate Moo'd was just kind of meh for me. Chocolate lovers would love it, but it was kind of just a chocolate shake to me. BUT when you add a banana and strawberries to it, it transforms into something wonderfully transcendent. It has the tartness of Strawberries, the creaminess of bananas, and the smooth milky wonderful taste of chocolate. This became Stevie's go-to smoothie. I didn't object because I always wanted a sip or eight.

Strawberry Surf Rider

The only smoothie that makes me more nostalgic that the Orange Dream Machine is the Strawberry Surf Rider. When I was a kid I craved all things sour. I would drink lemon juice. I would save and savor the lime runts (evilly replaced by green apple a few years ago... DAMN YOU WONKA!!). Lemon heads and War Head Candy were staples in my pockets. I guess what I am saying is that Strawberry Surf Rider is SOUR! It has the bite of lime sherbet combined with the tart strawberries that makes my neck glands tighten just thinking about it. It is not a smoothie to be consumed in gulps. Each sip should be pulled slowly into the mouth and savored for its face puckering awesomeness.

I want to thank the folks at Jamba one more time for giving me the chance to give all their stuff a try. If you want to try out these, or any of their other flavors out, their promotion for the Isis Mobile Wallet is still running. Or, if you're in SLC you can just look for me at your local Jamba Juice. I still have over $150 on my gift card, and would be happy to be your Jamba Juice Oprah.


Here is the whole list of everything I tried over the last month and a half. I didn't eat an entire smoothie of each one. For many of them I tried a sip or two or three of the ones that friends, coworkers, or complete strangers ordered. Yes, I used my own straw... unless it was Stevie's.

All of these can be found on the Jamba Juice Menu

Aloha Pineapple
Banana Berry
Caribbean Passion
Mango A Go Go
Peach Pleasure Smoothie
Strawberries Wild
Strawberry Surf Rider - SOUR
Carrot Orange Smoothie
Kale-ribbean Breeze
PB Chocolate Love
Mega Mango Smoothie
Peach Perfection Smoothie
Pomogranate Paradise Smoothie
Strawberry Whirl Smoothie
Peach Mango
Strawberry Banana
Tropical Harvest
Apples 'n Greens
Berry UpBeet
Orange Carrot Karma
Acuai Super Antioxidant
Orange C Booster
Protien Berry Workout
Chocolate Moo'd
Matcha Green Tea
Orange Dream Machine
Peanut BUtter Mood

And here are some of the other pictures that didn't make it into the previous posts!


  1. Mmmm I love Jamba Juice! (John paid me in Jamba Juice to post this comment)

    1. Jamba Juice is my main form of currency these days.

  2. Thanks for the journey! I came for the adorable and stayed for the funny. Jamba Juice was wise to pick you. Benjamins and juice, baby. Plus the Isis Mobile Wallet app is a godsend! Too camera shy for pics but I do appreciate the tip.