Tuesday, May 13, 2014

3 Reasons I love My Daddy/Daughter Jamba Juice Time

I wish I could say that the best part of my Juice Journey has been the crazy amount of smoothies that I have eaten over the last month. And that has definitely been an enjoyable part. I have at least tasted every single flavor of smoothie that Jamba Juice offers. They have all been pretty good. Some have been far too sweet for my taste, and the one wheat grass shot tasted far too much like I was licking the bottom of my lawn mower. But other than that, everything has been fruity and delicious.

I am enamored with the veggie fruit smoothies, in particular, Apples and Greens. As many of you know, I have been training for a marathon this spring. After each run I have rejuvenated with an Apples and Green smoothie. Not only is it delicious, it also tastes nothing like Kale - which for me, is a win/win! Later this week I will post my summary of everything I have tried

But like I said, the smoothies have not been the best part of this experience with Jamba Juice. The time I have gotten to spend with my daughter has been. Our weekly daddy daughter date to PaJamba Juice is something I am going to continue long after I have to start paying for them again. Here are a few reasons why.

The staff make her feel special. 

We've been to a few different locations, and every time they treat my daughter like juice royalty. I let her order, and they talk to her like she is a customer. The staff says please and thank you, and she in return also says please and thank you. When Duchess orders her "Strawberry Banana" kids' smoothie she knows she is going to get a smile. I like that. I like a business that has employees that look my daughter in the eyes and make her feel like she isn't just another ankle biter.

I can feel comfortable with Jamba Juice being a treat.

When I was younger my treats were McDonald's or Ice Cream. Or Mcdonald's and Ice Cream. At Jamba Juice Duchess can have real fruit blended with actual fruit juice in a reasonable serving size. It comes in a cute cup that she takes home, we wash and continue to play Pajamba Juice with for the rest of the week.

We hang out and talk

I don't know why, and your mileage may vary, but when Duchess and I are at Jamba Juice together she seems to want to talk more than normal. She tells me about her favorite friends at daycare and why they are or are not her best friend that day. She tells me that the moon is really high, and that I probably couldn't jump over it, but cows can. "Cows can jump really high, huh dad?" Yes. Yes they can.

Anyway, my sponsored "Juice Journey" is coming to an end, but my brand loyalty to Jamba Juice has not. This is a company that has been good to me, but most of all, incredibly kind to my daughter. It was a welcome surprise.

By the way! Don't forget that Jamba Juice is still running their promotion with Isis Mobile Wallet. Download the app and get a free Jamba Jucie Smoothie everytime you go into Jamba Juice. They are not stopping this thing until they give away 1 Million Jamba Juices!! Here is a fun video that explains more.

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