Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Juice Journey #2 - The Pajamba Juice Store

Just a reminder, I'm getting paid for this. All the words and opinions are still mine. 


We've been going to Jamba Juice a lot this month. Why? Because I signed up to try everything on the menu and let you know what I thought. Here are a few things I have learned.

  • Jamba Juice is really tasty, but of you buy seven of them at the same time it becomes hard to differentiate the flavors. 
  • You can mix any two Jamba Juices together and make another tasty Jamba Juice.
  • You too can get a free Jamba Juice by downloading the Isis Mobile Wallet App and visisting your local Jamba Juice! They are giving away a million Jamba Juices and there are plenty left. 
  • My daughter LOVES Jamba Juice.

More on the last point. Here is the cutest part. Duchess calls Jamba Juice "Pajamba Juice." It is this adorable combination of pajamas and Jamba Juice. When she gets to go she gets the Jamba Kids ones that, while high in fructose, do not have the horribly processed High Fructose Corn Syrup. And they have much smaller portions, which is cool. That said, they all have 30-35 grams of sugar - which according to our Pediatrician is probably more sugar than she needs in a single serving. So we've limited her intake to special occasions. We believe in special treats every once in awhile, and she considers Strawberries Gone Banana's a VERY special treat.

In-between special occasion trips to Pajamba Juice, Duchess likes to play pretend. The people in the store are so friendly and cute that a few weeks back she decided she wanted to play "Pajamba Juice." At first we just played with her assorted themed plastic character cups, but on my last trip to Jamba Juice (I had the Apples and Greens and thought it was just tart enough to keep my attention while carrying the complexity of the Kale across in a palatable way that Kale usually isn't) I had the BRILLIANT idea to ask the manager for a few cups for Duchess to play with. I offered to pay for them, but the very nice manager gave them to me for free. That lead to this:

Letters by Duchess, Logo by Mom

You can't tell, but she is making the blender sound. "WRRSHJSHJSHSHSHSHSHS"

We used colored paper to represent the different fruits. This is strawberry banana.

"Here's your Pajamba Juice Daddy! Say thank you... because I made it. That means you have to say thank you."

Even Captain got in on the Jamba Juice play set! 
AND! As promised, here is the video of us playing "Pajamba Juice Store." My FAVORITE part is when she makes the blender noise. And when she spills the "juice". And when she works so hard to get the straw right. OK, I love it all.


  1. That is adorable! I love that little blender.

  2. The colored paper is genius use for the different fruits and veggies! Perfect.

  3. She should use this in her resume someday, imo.

  4. John, that is the most adorable video I'll see this week. I love you playing busboy, bar back, and costumer. "5 SECOND RULE!"

  5. This is so adorable! I love the playset you made. Hey Jamba Juice, this guy is on to something. When are you coming out with your playset? I bet he and his daughter could design an AMAZING set for kids!

  6. Adorable and amazing jamba set.